Madeline Leach


Maddie Leach is an LA based cinematographer from Boston, Massachusetts. She studied photography from seventh grade when she got her first 35mm film camera through receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Georgetown University in Fine Arts, specializing in Photography. She discovered cinematography in college and loves creating the visual stories of film. She is graduated with her MFA in Film & TV Production at USC School of Cinematic Arts in May 2018, focusing on cinematography.

During her time at USC, she co-DPed a film, The Craftsman, that premiered in the Student Etudes Competition in the Camerimage Festival. She went on to receive the Faculty Award at USC's First Look Festival for Outstanding Cinematography for the film. Additionally, she is the recipient of the Sun Cinematography Award for Female Cinematographers at USC which earned her a mentorship from Nancy Schreiber, ASC. Last spring, she shot Ponyboi, an MFA thesis film executive produced by Steven Fry and Emma Thompson. Ponyboi is premiering in at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2019. She then proceeded to shoot Deliver Us, a horror short that won Panavision’s New Filmmaker Grant. Moving forward in her career, she hopes to keep pushing the visual boundaries of the art of film.

current location: LA, CA

cities can work locally: Los Angeles, New York, Boston, London & DC

equipment used before: Alexa Mini, Alexa Classic, Arri Amira, Red Epic, Red Dragon, Canon C300, Sony F5, Sony F55, Blackmagic

lenses used before: Panavision Super Speeds, Super Baltars, Kowa Sepherical Primes,  Canon Cine Zoom, Zeiss CP2s, Angenieux Vintage Zoom, Pentax Vintage Medium Format Lenses

can shoot 35 & 16mm film

email: madelinenleach@gmail.com